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Master of Arts - Freelance Business Mentor


The coaching industry will continue to grow ...

… and there are also many people not only in German-speaking countries who need coaching and would like to pay for it.

My goal is to take the headache out of your self-marketing, more awareness and more customers for your profitable coaching business. Because for me the coaching business is the most beautiful business in the world.


Coaching helped me – now I’m helping coaches

At that time it was already clear to my coach that I could give a lot back to the coaching industry. Because how you gain awareness as an entrepreneur, how you market yourself, build expert status, win more customers and build a profitable business – Partialy I already knew this from my time as Media Designer, but closed the missing part in that business coahing for myself.

Now I’m helping coaches to build a profitable coaching business. 


What is your goal?

This ‘About-Me Page’ is not about me at all, but about you:
What do you want to achieve with your coaching business?
Who do you want to make a difference for?
Let me know and…

It is important to me that you know

I am not a coach, but a freelance business mentor. I will show you the exact steps to increase awareness and customers as a coach or an expert. Without a large marketing budget.

I know how important coaching is because I owe my success not least to many coaching sessions. I know how difficult it can be to sell coaching and how easy if you understand how it works.

I am an high performer! In my career, I only managed one year of permanent employment. For me, freelancing or entrepreneurship is the only way to real independence and financial freedom.

I am a passionate strategist whose greatest strength is to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.

I like being a leader, but always at eye level. You really don’t need a senior teacher.

I’m introverted deep inside, but I still like to give you the push to show you more. I do the same with myself.

I’m a realist, but I’m still convinced that the usual business rules are there to be broken. Nothing motivates me more than when someone tells me that I can’t do something.

I like to work with women as well as with men. Because I am firmly convinced that we can only achieve true equality if we no longer have to talk about the male-female issue.

I am in favor of more humanity and personality in business, but against any soft treatment. Rattling is part of the craft. Selling as well. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I love numbers and technology, but I still firmly believe that it is your personality that makes the difference for a successful business.

I keep trying new things, but I’m still not a scanner because I know how to get you and me to focus on you.

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by Nikolaj Woroschilow
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